Serum and hyaluronic acid products
Recognized as a part of skin treatment by medical professionals.
With the powerful drug and pure ingredients, the effective results can be seen in a short time.
Developed by Swiss scientists with many years of experience in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging.
Para-phamarceutical products with active ingredients in high concentration, we guarantee maximum effectiveness.
All HYACELL products are manufactured in Switzerland under the highest quality requirements.
HYACELL Laboratory is a pharmaceutical laboratory based in Switzerland, specializing in the application of highly effective cellular hyaluronic acids.
HYACELL develops para-pharmaceutical products with Swiss Pharmacode. We use ingredients of pharmaceutical purity and higher concentrations than other cosmetics to guarantee maximum effect. Our anti-aging solutions are based on the body’s own cell production.
HYACELL builds its anti-age formulations on the know-how of specialists in aesthetic medicine and scientific studies of active ingredients.
HYACELL products are based on hyaluronic acid, a well-known agent for volume build-up. Due to the molecular nature of our Hyaluron with the shortest chain length of 3kD, it acts as an effective catalyst for transepidermal migration.

Hyacell products are free of fragrances, scents, parabens, lipids, silicones and mineral oils. We generally do not test on animals.

Hyacell products are developed and manufactured only in Switzerland. With outstanding production standards at a high level which can not be manufactured in the industry. Therefore, the number of production per year in our pharmaceutical laboratory is limited.
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